I Died In A Cave


           I Died In A Cave was a project created as a submission to the 2021 GMTK Game Jam. A few friends from School and I teamed up to partake in the game jam. The theme for this jam was "Tied Together". We were given 48 hours from the announcement of the theme to create a game around it. The experience of participating in a game jam was a priceless one that spawned a project we were all proud to have been a part of. 

         I Died In A Cave was made with Unreal, and is a single-player platforming game, where the player not only controls the main character but a "soul" that is tethered to him. The main player character is controlled with the WASD keys, while the soul is controlled with the mouse. You are able to hover the soul over different Mushrooms, granting it abilities that can be discharged with the left mouse button. These basic concepts allowed for a lot of interesting and unique gameplay elements to come to life. Our submission wound up coming in 29th overall out of nearly 6000 submissions. 

      You can download and play our submitted build by clicking the button below, which will take you to our itch.io submission. 


About the Project


My Role

Throughout the project, I was mainly in charge of level design, but had to be able to take on any roll where work was needed due to the restrictive nature of a game jame. 

Level Design - I was in charge of blocking out, testing, and reiterating upon all of the levels in the game. Furthermore, I had to set up the system for switching between different levels. 

Various Systems - I had to program and implement various systems such as the buttons used in maze puzzles, the moving elevators, the level switching system, and the draw bridges. 

Play Testing - Just about everyone including myself was a playtester for this project. We had to constantly test the game as efficiently as possible due to the restricted time frame. Many bugs were uncovered in a very short time and fixed as quickly as possible. 

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