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DES Pitch - Take 2
Tyler Serino

                 Scraps was a project completed at Full Sail University. The game's design and framework were fully created by Full Sail, and our task was to design levels and gameplay mechanics using that framework. The goal was to create fun gameplay scenarios around a set of constraints by using multiple level design and game mechanics. The project took place over a series of months. It took you from a basic intro to how the game mechanics were designed, to documenting and designing a level, to prototyping, playtesting, and implementing your level along with four teammates. 

About the Project

My Role


Level Design - I was tasked with creating a level and gameplay scenario for scraps. My design is focused around a science lab, from which the scrapper had to retrieve medicine. The level consists of a series of level and door puzzles in order to navigate to the end. The level started as bubble diagrams before progressing into level designs and being prototyped in the engine. 

Playtesting - Playtesting and debugging was a large part of the project. I was responsible for finding any edge cases, broken gameplay mechanics, or bugs during my level creation.

Integration - Upon nearing the end of the project, we were tasked with integrating art assets from a library to finalize our level.  Up until this point, our level had been made primarily of boxes with grid textures. We were also put into groups of four, and tasked with putting our levels together in a way that flowed seamlessly. 


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